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The flower is the part of a plant that affects human emotions and feelings. Flowers have a variety of shapes, fragrances and dazzling colors. Flowers harmoniously intertwine with the human way of life. Because of this, flower arrangements arouse a feeling of happiness, peace and well-being and are perfect symbols for the emotions we feel for others in certain situations. Flower arrangements can express a mood and convey our thoughts and feelings more convincingly than any utterance of expression. Flower arrangements can express our admiration, congratulations, sympathy or apology with equal success. Click here to view our Valentine's Day Flowers.

A gorgeous flower arrangement is a way to brighten someone’s day. Whether the flower arrangement is for a birthday, for congratulations or in sympathy, the flower arrangement helps to express emotion for any special occasion. A flower arrangement lets someone know you are thinking of them.

Any kind of creative flower arrangements conveys an expression of the depth of your emotions to match any occasion. Garden flower arrangements can make you feel like a kid with a box of crayons; whether you are the giver of a flower arrangement or the lucky receiver of a flower arrangement. Whatever combination of garden flower that is available for the flower arrangement – day lilies, hydrangeas, honeysuckle vines, roses, fresh lavender for fragrance - is a welcome gift for the recipient of a colorful flower arrangement.  A flower arrangement that utilizes color, beauty and fragrances creates a flower arrangement that shows how much you care.

Flower arrangements can be used in many ways to help in varied situations:

  • We can use flower arrangements to beautify our homes and as centerpieces for a table.

  • Flower arrangements can benefit someone who is sick or in pain to help in their recovery whether they are in the hospital or at home.

  • The key to flower arrangements is the use of different color schemes for aesthetic beauty. Some flower arrangements use primary colors with either soft or strong shades; other flower arrangements are pleasing with monochromatic schemes using 3 or 4 of the same color shades; some flower arrangements are aesthetically pleasing with complementary combinations of soft or strong primary and secondary colors of the color wheel.

  • There are multi styles of flower arrangements like potted plant arrangements using simple vessels; classic formal flower arrangements such as roses in a tall vase; informal country-style flower arrangements are perfect in an informal location; contemporary single flower arrangements in a modern group arrangement of containers is also a popular form of innovative flower arrangement.

Some tips for flower arrangements:

  • Think about the placement of your flower arrangement. The formal, modern or casual setting will dictate your decisions for your flower arrangement.

  • Think about the container you plan to use for your flower arrangement – this choice is an important influence on your flower arrangement. Which variety of garden flower will enhance its size, shape, color and texture to create the perfect flower arrangement?

  • Good flower arrangements need pleasing proportions; low flower arrangements should be a little wider than the container; and tall flower arrangements should be taller than the container.

  • Will the focal point of your flower arrangement be bold flowers with less conspicuous ones for the background; or will there be foliage in your flower arrangement to act as filler material to add texture and color contrast.

  • Balance and symmetry are another important factor for the creation of a pleasing flower arrangement